Breakfast in a Glass

Breakfast, according to most nutritionists, is the most important meal of the day. I make sure to provide my family with a wholesome breakfast.

Children, or even my grown up daughters are in so much of a hurry in the mornings that they tend to skip breakfast or go for just a cup of coffee with biscuits. That’s when I came up with this recipe and since then have been making it almost everyday.

Oats are known to have so many health benefits, are great system cleansers and combined with probiotics and fruits take it to an altogether different level. 

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Holiday recipe 3 -Creamy Roundels


An all time favourite for all age groups and an ideal snack for children. Though I prefer to use toasted bread, it can also be made using crackers. The recipe actually demands a deep – fried bread, but keeping in mind the growing waist line of children I have modified it with toasted bread.

Makes 4 roundels

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Holiday Recipe 1- Double Layered Cheese Cake Sandwich

Vacations are a challenging time for parents, especially for working couples as children tend to always be hungry and gorge on unhealthy stuff. However, if we parents manage to keep some ingredients ready, there are some quick treats that can be assembled by the kids themselves, boosting their creativity and giving them time away from their world of electronics.

If your children are too young, you can always assemble the treat and keep it in the fridge so that they can have it. This way you know your child eats healthy and on time.

That being said, a whiff of a particular aroma still manages to remind us of holiday time, of summer, when our grannies used to cook up everyday treats. Due to nuclear families, this is not always possible. So, lets give our children the same sort of memories so twenty years down the line they can reminisce about their holidays too!

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