Mutter paratha (Peas stuffed Indian Flatbread)

Mutter Paratha

The charm of winter can be seen in the local markets, with veggies and fruits in vibrant colours on the carts.

Fresh green peas, being a very versatile vegetable, are used in preparations in every state of India with not much difference in taste and masalas. My mutter paratha recipe is inspired by our very own Bengali motor shootir kochuri. Kochuri means stuffed deep fried bread.To give it a healthy twist, I made parathas instead which are made on a gridle pan with much less oil or ghee.I made the stuffing in the microwave  and this goes for both kochuri as well as paratha.
Makes 8 parathas Continue reading “Mutter paratha (Peas stuffed Indian Flatbread)”


Ajwaini kulcha(Indian Leavened flatbread with carrom seeds)

This recipe is particularly North Indian, best served with any curry.Unlike its other counterparts, it is cooked on stovestop, which makes it very compatible for people who want to make a naan type of bread without using an oven. Continue reading “Ajwaini kulcha(Indian Leavened flatbread with carrom seeds)”