Potato and green peas patty(Aloo Mutter tikki)

This is one of my favourite tea time snacks.The ingredients are so simple but when put together comes up with such a tasty snack.I make this a day or two earlier whenever I am expecting guests .I make quite a lot and freeze them in seperate boxes.I take them out in batches and use as and when required.

Makes 12 patties Continue reading “Potato and green peas patty(Aloo Mutter tikki)”


Jamaican Jerk Chicken

This is an amazing chicken preparation and one of my favourites.The most known version of this is the baked one.
In this post, I have cooked on stovetop to make it easier for people who for some reason or the other have no access to an oven. The secret of this recipe, is the spice blend known as “The Jamaican Jerk Seasoning.

    I must confess that determining portions would not be ideal.I had to feed four adults. 4 large thighs on the bone and 4 drumsticks were quite okay.But,let me warn you .You have to cook more than required  because the after taste compels you to have some more. Continue reading “Jamaican Jerk Chicken”