Egg Roll with Seekh Kabab

Egg Roll

This dish is known by many names like Egg Roll, Frankies, Kathi Roll. I prefer to call it Egg Roll. I have used whole wheat flour to make the flatbreads. To make it more presentable, either refined flour or a mix of both the flours would be a good idea. I have used ready-to-use seekh kababs.This dish is a very filling and tasty mix of carbs, proteins and vitamins.

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Chicken Sandwich- A hassle free, non-messy, easy takeaway solution for busy people

This is a throwback to my first ever recipe on the blog. At that time I didn’t have many readers so I wanted to share this again!This is my go-to recipe for picnics and quick snacks and takes barely half an hour

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Easy Wraps with Avocado, Kiwi and Chicken

A platter full of dips, salads and flatbreads is my way to let my family happily assemble and make their own wraps. Usually, I like to use whatever is there in my fridge.For this particular wrap, I used my leftover tandoori chicken by removing the bones and shredding the chicken. I used hung curd to avoid using mayonnaise. I made my Indian flatbread at home. Tortillas work well too. As a result, I get the sourness from hung curd, heat from pepper sauce but to add sweetness to it,I added ripe juicy kiwis. I absolutely adore the combination. Continue reading “Easy Wraps with Avocado, Kiwi and Chicken”