Neemkee( A Savoury Snack)

Diwali is one of the most loved Indian festivals. Lights, diyas, rangolis, crackers and yummy snacks is what we look forward to. I made many sweet snacks this year but I felt like sharing this savoury one with you. Keeping the authenticity of this snack, I have used refined flour. I made this earlier by swapping whole wheat flour for maida. I even tried baking instead of deep frying. Not that they taste bad but not as good as the original one. Continue reading “Neemkee( A Savoury Snack)”


Chinese Pakora

If you are taking a stroll in the evening in Mumbai you will find vendors setting their stalls .Apart from panipuri stalls, if you find a very crowded place and only school going and college students crowding over there,follow your nose and stick to that place till your turn comes.Its Mumbai street food at its best.Though its very hot and spicy its very addictive.When my daughters were young ,they wanted to have this too.That’s when mumma bear came in.After having a few pakoras and steathily peeping into how they make I came up with my own take.

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Shikari Gosht(Hunter’s special mutton )

This dish dates back to an age when King and his men would go hunting and it would take them days to come back to their palace.They wanted to enjoy their prized huntings there itself.An entourage with their basic necessities would reach prior to the kings.They carried whole spices and ghee with them. This dish was particularly cooked with red chillies and whole garam masala ,salt and ghee only.I have tried to keep the basic recipe same but I have made added a few more things.
Serves 5

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