Asian Sweet Pea Tea


Sweet Pea or Butterfly pea (Shankhapushpi) holds an important place in ayurveda wherein the flowers, leaves and roots are all used for medicinal purpose. The flowers exhibit a vibrant blue colour, the mild flavour soothing and calming as it moves smoothly down the throat.I don’t have any particular recipe for it though.

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Breakfast in a Glass

Breakfast, according to most nutritionists, is the most important meal of the day. I make sure to provide my family with a wholesome breakfast.

Children, or even my grown up daughters are in so much of a hurry in the mornings that they tend to skip breakfast or go for just a cup of coffee with biscuits. That’s when I came up with this recipe and since then have been making it almost everyday.

Oats are known to have so many health benefits, are great system cleansers and combined with probiotics and fruits take it to an altogether different level. 

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