Asian Sweet Pea Tea


Sweet Pea or Butterfly pea (Shankhapushpi) holds an important place in ayurveda wherein the flowers, leaves and roots are all used for medicinal purpose. The flowers exhibit a vibrant blue colour, the mild flavour soothing and calming as it moves smoothly down the throat.I don’t have any particular recipe for it though.

Simply pour boiling hot water into a jug with a few flowers and cover .You will get a purple coloured tea and when a few drops of lemon juice is added, it changes colour. Add honey to suit your taste because it turns very sour if left for long in the jug. 

Diabetics should practice extra caution while having this tea because it brings down sugar level very fast.

This is also used as a food colouring in some parts of Asia and some make a syrup and store it.

17 thoughts on “Asian Sweet Pea Tea

  1. Ei Gi Chakhum

    What a nice coincidence! Last night I was thinking of these Shankhpuspi or Nilkontho flowers(locally known in my hometown of Agartala) for a tea recipe and here I see this beautiful blue hued tea with these beautiesπŸ˜πŸ’•

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