Chinese Pakora

If you are taking a stroll in the evening in Mumbai you will find vendors setting their stalls .Apart from panipuri stalls, if you find a very crowded place and only school going and college students crowding over there,follow your nose and stick to that place till your turn comes.Its Mumbai street food at its best.Though its very hot and spicy its very addictive.When my daughters were young ,they wanted to have this too.That’s when mumma bear came in.After having a few pakoras and steathily peeping into how they make I came up with my own take.


  1. Green cabbage       200 gms
  2. Spring onions        5 or 6 green stalks
  3. Coriander leaves   20 to 25 stalks
  4. Schezwann sauce   3 tbsps
  5. White vinegar          1 tbsp
  6. Sugar                           1/2 tsp
  7. Cornflour                    200 gms approx
  8. Oil to feep fry
  9. Salt to taste.


    1.Shred the cabbage fine.

    2.Chop the stalks of spring onions fine.

    3.Chop the coriander leaves and stems as well.

    4.Mix everything except oil in a bowl

    5.You can add a few drops of red coloring if you want.

    6.Heat the oil and fry the pakoras on medium heat.

    7.Serve with schezwann sauce.

    28 thoughts on “Chinese Pakora

      1. To make the sauce you need to take 8 red chillies deseeded and soak them in water.Take 15 garlic cloves,Small piece of ginger, small piece of gur,salt to taste and soaked chillies in a blender and blend them well.Heat sesame oil about 3 tbsps and put the mix into it .Cover and stir occasionally and cover again.Take a deep vessel for this.You can add ajino moto if you like and fry till oil leaves the sides of your pan.Your sauce is ready but the store ones are really good.Add 1 tbsp rice vinegar at the end.

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