Shikari Gosht(Hunter’s special mutton )

This dish dates back to an age when King and his men would go hunting and it would take them days to come back to their palace.They wanted to enjoy their prized huntings there itself.An entourage with their basic necessities would reach prior to the kings.They carried whole spices and ghee with them. This dish was particularly cooked with red chillies and whole garam masala ,salt and ghee only.I have tried to keep the basic recipe same but I have made added a few more things.
Serves 5


  1. Mutton                       -1 kg 
  2. Yogurt                        -200 gms
  3. Red chillies               -4
  4. Green cardamom    -5
  5. Cloves                         -10
  6. Cinnamon                 –  1 whole stick
  7. Black cardamom     -2
  8. Star anise                  -2
  9. Stoneflower              -2
  10. Bay leaves                  -4
  11. Red chillies               -4
  12. Black peppercorn   -6
  13. Ghee                           -2 tbsps
  14. Unpeeled garlic       -6 fat cloves
  15. Salt to taste.


    1. Put the pressure cooker on the burner.Add ghee and once it turns hot, add all the  whole spices.
    2. Once they start to crackle,add mutton and fry.
    3. When the mutton gets coated with ghee and spices add yogurt.
    4. Fry for 5 mins on medium heat .
    5. Add salt.
    6. Put the lid on.
    7. After first whistle,lower the heat and let it cook for 15 mins.
    8. Let it rest for half an hour after putting off the burner.
    9. Remove the lid and mix well.
    10. Its ready to serve.It goes best with jeera rice and salad.

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