Potato and green peas patty(Aloo Mutter tikki)

This is one of my favourite tea time snacks.The ingredients are so simple but when put together comes up with such a tasty snack.I make this a day or two earlier whenever I am expecting guests .I make quite a lot and freeze them in seperate boxes.I take them out in batches and use as and when required.

Makes 12 patties


  1. Medium size potatoes       4
  2. Frozen peas                          100 gms
  3. Bread slices                           2
  4. Onion chopped finely        1 medium
  5. Garlic paste                           1 tsp
  6. Ginger paste                          1/2 tsp
  7. Tomato grated                      2 large
  8. Coriander leaves                  4 tbsp chopped
  9. Lemon juice                           1 tbsp
  10. Grated Parmesan                  2 tbsps
  11. Bread crumbs to coat the patties. 
  12. Salt to taste.

Powdered masalas(roasted cumin powder,red chilli powder,chaat masala powder,fennel powder,garam masala powder).


  1. Boil potatoes.Remove their skin and mash them.
  2. Thaw the frozen green peas.Run it through a processor to get coarse pea bits.
  3. Remove the sides of the bread slices and run through a processor to get fresh bread crumbs.
  4. Mix potatoes,peas and bread crumbs with your hands.Add all the ground masalas 1/2 tsp each.
  5. Add salt.
  6. Keep a wok on the burner.Add 1 tbsp oil.
  7. When it geats hot,add onions,garlic and ginger paste and fry them well.
  8. Now, add tomatoes and fry till oil leaves the sides of the wok.
  9. Add this to the ready potato and peas mix.
  10. Add coriander leaves and lemon juice and give a final mix.
  11. Give the shape of patties.
  12. Spread bread crumbs on a plate.Add grated parmesan and mix. Then, coat the patties in them.
  13. Store in air tight boxes and keep it in the fridge.
  14. Shallow fry  till it gets a brownish colour on both the sides.
  15. Serve hot with tomato sauce and kasundi( a typical bengali coarse mustard dip).

    Happy Navratri !

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