Asian Chicken Wings

This recipe is my favourite and most  importantly,  a show stopper. Whenever my family’s meal lacks the usual lustre,  I make this and nobody cares how many vegetables I have managed to sneak in through other dishes. They are busy trying to find out how many more wings they can have. 

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Tandoori Cauliflower

I love to prepare this dish because of the minimal masalas required and yet being so tasty. I can eat this without any rice or roti (Indian flatbread) just like that. This can be made dry and served as an appetizer, but I have made it curry-like for serving this as main course. 

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Orzo and Chicken

This pasta gets its name from the Italian word ORZO which means barley. This barley shaped pasta is a very quick to cook and  it gives an illusion to rice eaters like us. To cook any pasta, it is always advisable to go by the packet instructions. In this recipe, I cooked the pasta in boiling water which when simmered took 7 minutes to cook. 

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Breakfast in a Glass

Breakfast, according to most nutritionists, is the most important meal of the day. I make sure to provide my family with a wholesome breakfast.

Children, or even my grown up daughters are in so much of a hurry in the mornings that they tend to skip breakfast or go for just a cup of coffee with biscuits. That’s when I came up with this recipe and since then have been making it almost everyday.

Oats are known to have so many health benefits, are great system cleansers and combined with probiotics and fruits take it to an altogether different level. 

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Chicken Sandwich- A hassle free, non-messy, easy takeaway solution for busy people

This is a throwback to my first ever recipe on the blog. At that time I didn’t have many readers so I wanted to share this again!This is my go-to recipe for picnics and quick snacks and takes barely half an hour

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken

This is an amazing chicken preparation and one of my favourites.The most known version of this is the baked one.
In this post, I have cooked on stovetop to make it easier for people who for some reason or the other have no access to an oven. The secret of this recipe, is the spice blend known as “The Jamaican Jerk Seasoning.

    I must confess that determining portions would not be ideal.I had to feed four adults. 4 large thighs on the bone and 4 drumsticks were quite okay.But,let me warn you .You have to cook more than required  because the after taste compels you to have some more. Continue reading “Jamaican Jerk Chicken”

    Holiday Recipe 1- Double Layered Cheese Cake Sandwich

    Vacations are a challenging time for parents, especially for working couples as children tend to always be hungry and gorge on unhealthy stuff. However, if we parents manage to keep some ingredients ready, there are some quick treats that can be assembled by the kids themselves, boosting their creativity and giving them time away from their world of electronics.

    If your children are too young, you can always assemble the treat and keep it in the fridge so that they can have it. This way you know your child eats healthy and on time.

    That being said, a whiff of a particular aroma still manages to remind us of holiday time, of summer, when our grannies used to cook up everyday treats. Due to nuclear families, this is not always possible. So, lets give our children the same sort of memories so twenty years down the line they can reminisce about their holidays too!

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