Yummy Chicken

This is an ultimate chicken dish  and whether you make it for a party or picnics or get together’s, people will  definitely ask for the recipe. There are many ingredients and the recipe involves many steps  but, the end result is mind blowing. One thing to remember is that these types  of  recipes  are not cooked everyday and its a pain worth taken , once in a while. I make all the pastes and store it in the freezer. On the day I want to cook it I can make it without any hassle. 

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Frothy Mushroom soup

The rainy season, at its peak, brings down the temperature in the otherwise very hot Mumbai and the residents demand something piping hot to eat. The fitness freaks can swear by this recipe. It is high in protein with the power of minerals from the carrots and calcium from the milk. 

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Juicy Meatballs

The humble meatball is a versatile dish and has its variety worldwide. Some say it came from Persia,  but since it is found in almost all cuisines, its origin is debatable. Basic spices and aromatics remain the same everywhere, a few ingredients vary though, depending on the local produce and geography. It can be made from any type of meat but, I have used chicken mince in this recipe. You can use mutton or lamb instead but the cooking time has to be increased depending on the meat. This is my favourite recipe and this evolved over years under my experimentation, failure and success. Its simplicity and taste and its ability to satiate from one person to a crowd makes this recipe very close to my heart. Earlier I used to coat the meatballs in egg and then in bread crumbs and then fry them.  You can try it that way but, the healthier version is dearer to me. 

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken

This is an amazing chicken preparation and one of my favourites.The most known version of this is the baked one.
In this post, I have cooked on stovetop to make it easier for people who for some reason or the other have no access to an oven. The secret of this recipe, is the spice blend known as “The Jamaican Jerk Seasoning.

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    Basa with oregano and basil

    Basa is a Vietnamese fresh water fish that cooks very fast and does not have the typical fishy smell.It acquires the taste of gravy or spices it is cooked with, which makes it very versatile.

    Serves 3

    1. Basa fish fillets( bite sized chunks)  – 500 gms

    2. Onion( sliced)                                           – 1 medium

    3. Tomatoes(sliced)                                      – 1 medium

    4.Dried oregano                                             – 2 tbsps

    5.Fresh or dried basil                                   – 1 tsp (if dried) and 8-10 leaves(if fresh)

    6.Paprika  powder                                         – 1 tsp

    7.Black pepper powder                               – 1/2 tsp

    8.Extra virgin olive oil                                 – 2 tbsp

    9.Parmesan cheese                                       – 2 tbsp

    10.Garlic cloves  ( sliced )                            – 3

    11. Salt to taste.


    1.Heat olive oil in a wide non-stick pan.

    2.Add onion and garlic and cook it on high heat.

    3.When it starts to turn brown, add tomatoes,paprika powder,pepper powder,oregano,salt and cook for 5 mins.

    4.Watch till oil starts to seperate and the tomatoes turn soft.

    5.Now,add the fish chunks and gently toss to coat it with the spices and oil.

    6.Cover and cook for 5 mins on medium heat.

    7.Break one chunk to check whether the fish has been cooked or not .(When cooked through the fish appears white in colour ).

    8. Now, add basil and parmesan.Stir and mix well.( Handle delicately)

    9.Serve hot.