Minty Green Pea Soup

Green peas are in The prime of their season and what better way to incorporate their nutritious goodness other than this thick delicious soup. The slight hint of mint gives it it’s absolutely unique flavour.

Serves 4

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Speckled Pineapple Chutney- A fruity condiment to Bengali meals

Traditional Bengali meals have a blend of all tastes- bitter, sour, sweet, pungent and tangy. Bengalis tend to take their chutney or chaatni, very seriously.My signature Pineapple chutney has gained many lovers. This is in response to a request by Jolene Misquitta. I hope you enjoy the recipe, dear.

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Hello Everyone!

I’m Anuradha Mukherjee, a home-maker, mother of 2 and an enthusiastic cook.

Around the age of 12, my tiny feet would rush into the kitchen, intent on trying a new, albeit simple recipe as soon as I had thought of it. This enthusiasm for food and knack for cooking was enhanced over the years as I visited friends’ houses and learnt the wonderful blends of tastes that their mothers used to present us with.

However, the necessary push was provided by both, my grandmother and my mother, who not only cooked but also presented every dish artistically. As my mother always says, “The eyes feast first”.

After my marriage, my mother-in-law, who is an accomplished cook herself, imparted tips and tricks of her kitchen to me as well. This culminates in the ever present aromas in my kitchen, which signify a blend of tastes and styles learnt from cooks ranging from mothers in the kitchen to chefs of the dhabas with my own twists.

Through this blog, I would like to share an array of dishes and tips from my kitchen. Follow your nose, turn up your flames and watch out for amazing recipes on this blog!