Easy Wraps with Avocado, Kiwi and Chicken

A platter full of dips, salads and flatbreads is my way to let my family happily assemble and make their own wraps. Usually, I like to use whatever is there in my fridge.For this particular wrap, I used my leftover tandoori chicken by removing the bones and shredding the chicken. I used hung curd to avoid using mayonnaise. I made my Indian flatbread at home. Tortillas work well too. As a result, I get the sourness from hung curd, heat from pepper sauce but to add sweetness to it,I added ripe juicy kiwis. I absolutely adore the combination. Continue reading “Easy Wraps with Avocado, Kiwi and Chicken”

Ajwaini kulcha(Indian Leavened flatbread with carrom seeds)

This recipe is particularly North Indian, best served with any curry.Unlike its other counterparts, it is cooked on stovestop, which makes it very compatible for people who want to make a naan type of bread without using an oven. Continue reading “Ajwaini kulcha(Indian Leavened flatbread with carrom seeds)”