A Sneak Peek Into My Kitchen  – ( Green Herby and Nutty Chutney)

 I am sure you have heard a lot about Indian green chutney. This one is a bit different because I incorporated very tasty and healthy nuts in it. By adding nuts, the chutney gets a creamy texture. I generally make and keep this in the fridge for a week. If I keep it in the freezer, I add very hot oil to it and mix well before storing. 

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Chicken and Leek Pie

This recipe is liked by all age groups and it is a golden opportunity to sneak healthy veggies in. This is a perfect lazy day’s recipe. You can use onions and garlic to substitute leeks, and fish or soya chunks to substitute chicken. Currently, my family is on a low carb diet and hence my experiment with various ingredients is on the rise. 

In this recipe, I used cauliflower mash to make the pie crust. The result was amazing and here goes the recipe. 

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Dal Murgh

This is one of the amazing Indian chicken recipes or maybe one of the many Indo- Muslim fusion recipes. History concurs that Indians loved their dal with a soupy consistency and the Muslims who ruled over India for many years, loved their meat and rice dishes with lots of nuts and dry fruits. When both the ideas came together the Dal- gosht or dal with meat was born. It is a one pot meal, comprising of dal and chicken, easy to cook and satisfying for your taste buds. Originally this recipe was cooked over open fire in a big vessel called handi.

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 Fish cooked in mustard gravy( Macher Jhaal) 

Traditionally, Bengal has been renowned for its extraordinarily fertile agricultural land and production of paddy. At the same time, the rivers of Bengal are an apparently inexhaustible resource of different varieties of fish. That is why, since the ancient times, rice and fish emerged as the staple food for the Bengalis. Each variety  of fresh water fish involve a different way of being cooked and different set of masalas. In one of my previous posts, I have mentioned how to make a mustard paste. The mustard powder I have used in this particular recipe is a dry mix which can be kept in the fridge for years.This fish known as Rui in Bengali  and comes in all sizes begining from 500 gms to 10 kgs or even more.

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Finger Licking Goulash

This recipe caught my attention because of its simple ingredients and no fuss cooking. I have taken liberties to suit my taste but I haven’t changed the essence of this recipe. It is a rustic dish, though this is served as fine dining in many of the restaurants nowadays. This recipe demands a heavy pot to cook in and very slow cooking but I used a pressure cooker to cook. This is a soupy dish but I preferred to serve it sticky as the sweetness of paprika and bell peppers gives a caramely texture to the dish.

Serves 4

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Mystery Blogger Award

I have been nominated for Mystery Blogger Award by Ellanor Aquitane of   https://straygourmet.wordpress.com. She has a beautiful blog with really good recipes. Please visit her blog if you haven’t! The logo has also been designed by her and the creator of this award Okoto Enigma of http://okotoenigmasblog.com loved it!
“Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion. – Okoto Enigma


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Three things about me

1. I love to cook and experiment with all types of cuisines.

2. I live very close to a protected forest area in the heart of suburbs and therefore get to watch different migratory birds. I am on my toes the whole day! 

3. My family is very precious to me. 

Questions for me

1. Where, what, and with who is your vision of a perfect day?

With my family in  beautiful Gangtok, Sikkim in India.

2.What is the most beautiful word in any language, and why? 

Peace, according to me, is the best word in any language. Peace leads to tranquility and harmony.

3. The strangest way you express yourself?

I can scare anyone with all types of weird noises I make and am particularly good at mimicry. 

4.Your first thought before you wake up and go to sleep? 

Before going to bed, I revise my menu for the next day and as soon as I wake up I think about my plants and run to the balcony to see the new blooms for the day.

5.Something, even that you’ve read or heard, that has changed your life forever?

The first cry of both my daughters just after they were born gave a new meaning to my life. 

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My Questions

1. What would be the first thing you would grab if you have to leave somewhere in a hurry ?

2. What would be your mantra for happiness?

3. The  most memorable day in your life?

4. The weirdest food you have ever had ?

5.  Your favourite joke?

My best posts

All my posts are like my children , my own creation. Its really difficult to name a few but I am naming a few as per their popularity. 

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Bengali Masoor Daal ( Red lentils)

Lentils have been eaten by humans since Neolithic times and were one of the first domesticated crops. In the Middle East, lentil seeds have been found, dating back to more than 8000 years. In Judaism, lentils are considered to be a food for mourners because of their round shape symbolizing the circle of life. The Greek playwright Aristophanes called lentil soup the “sweetest of delicacies”. Lentils have also been found in Egyptian tombs from as far back as 2400 BC. In India, the lentil is known as dal or daal. For many centuries, lentils were considered to be “the poor man’s meat.” In Catholic countries, those who couldn’t afford fish would eat lentils during Lent instead. In the 18th century, King Louis XV’s wife, Marie Leszczynska, made lentils fashionable among royalty and they were nicknamed “the queen’s lentils”.

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Veggies and Fruits with Black Rice


This is my idea of an ideal weekend lunch during summer. Black rice, which was also known as forbidden rice, has won the hearts of a whole lot of rice eating population because of its nutitional value. This rice is native to China. 

According to legend, black rice was thought to be so rare, delicious and nutritious, that it could only be eaten by emperors. While this rice is now being brought to the masses around the world, its nutritional content has still remained high. It provides a satisfying nutty flavor, making it a great addition to a number of different dishes. 

It usually takes a bit longer to be completely cooked than traditional white or even wild rice. Due to its high fibre content it keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time, making it a favourite for weight watchers. This recipe combines the health benefits of rice, fruits, veggies and healthy oil . I usually make it on saturdays for lunch because everyone is at home and I want to feed then something really healthy.

Serves 4

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