Schezwan Okra

This is a damn good, spicy and easy vegetarian recipe with our very own okra. Usually children, adults and old everyone love okra in some form or the other. It is said that the stickiness of the okra helps us get rid of the mucous in our system. This recipe happened to me when I really got bored of the usual method of cooking okra.

Serves 4

500 gms of okra

2 tbsps schezwan chutney

A pinch of salt and turmeric, each

2 tbsps of oil.


Wash and pat dry the okras.

Cut them into small diagonal shapes.

Heat oil in a shallow pan. Once hot, add okras and after the okras get coated with oil, add salt and turmeric and cover and cook on medium heat for 5 minutes.

After which remove the lid and now add schezwan chutney. Add more, if you want it saltier and spicier.

Cook uncovered on medium heat till everything comes together.

Fry well till cooked.

Serve hot.