Eggplant Sauteed With Tomatoes and Fenugreek leaves( Methi Begun)

A very simple,  no onion and no garlic dish that cooks very fast. I love to have this with plain rice but you can have this with any flatbread. I would rather, you keep your plate ready before you start making this. As you sautee, the aroma of fenugreek leaves fills the air and you tend to feel very hungry. This dish is very good for diabetics. Whole cooking process is done on a high flame.

Serves 4


  1.  200 gm of eggplant or baingan chopped very fine 
  2. 100 gms of tomatoes chopped very fine 
  3. 2 cups of washed and finely chopped leaves only
  4. 1 fresh green or red chilli chopped fine
  5. 2 tbsps oil
  6. Salt to taste.


  1. Put the wok on heat and add oil.
  2. When it gets heated, add chopped baingan and sautee.
  3. When the brinjal gets oil slicked, add tomatoes and sautee with the brinjal.
  4. This has to be done on a high flame throughout.Otherwise the whole preparation turns into a mush.
  5. Now,add salt to cook the tomatoes properly.
  6. When the tomatoes are done, add fenugreek leaves and keep frying for 2 to 3 minutes on high.Its ready to serve.Add green or red chillies and serve.

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