Frothy Mushroom soup

The rainy season, at its peak, brings down the temperature in the otherwise very hot Mumbai and the residents demand something piping hot to eat. The fitness freaks can swear by this recipe. It is high in protein with the power of minerals from the carrots and calcium from the milk. 

Serves 4


  1. 200 gms button mushrooms
  2. 1 medium carrot
  3. 1 small onion
  4. 4 fat garlic cloves
  5. A small piece of ginger
  6. 10 whole black pepper corns
  7. 500 ml of milk
  8. Salt to taste
  9. 1 tsp oil
  10. 1 tsp butter to top the soup. 


  1. Place a pressure cooker on medium flame and add oil to it. 
  2. Once the oil turns hot, add whole peppercorns, sliced onions, peeled whole garlic cloves, a peeled piece of ginger and sautee. 
  3. After 2 mins of frying, add the washed and roughly chopped mushrooms and the peeled and chopped carrots. 
  4. Then, add milk and salt and put the lid on and turn the flame to high. 
  5. After one whistle, turn off the gas and wait for it to cool because the next step would be to blitz the ready soup. 
  6. After the blitz, pass it through a sieve and put the frothy soup back on the burner on a low flame. 
  7. After it comes to a boil, serve it with a dollop of butter on top. 
  8. This can be had with toasted  garlic bread. 

Happy soupy weekend! 

14 thoughts on “Frothy Mushroom soup

  1. Namaskaram from the South😃 delicious recipe but never ever actually wash the mushrooms, a clean damp cloth to wipe them is just enough and they do not get slimy. Have fresh mushrooms in pantry so might make this for light supper tonight. Thanks for posting. And like you we too enjoy our Monsoon season

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your suggestion. Cleaning with a damp cloth gives a shine to the mushrooms. But, during monsoon, I often find it difficult to clean them and get rid of grime and dirt with a cloth. Hence, the idea to wash the mushrooms.


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