Potatoes cooked in poppy seed paste( Aloo Posto)

Potatoes cooked in Poppy Seed Paste

There are very less dishes where poppy seed is used as the main ingredient.But, its not new for Bengalis.For us, whenever we want something very tasty and comforting we cook with poppy seed paste.Potato can be replaced by pointed gourd or even ridge gourd.It tastes as good.We combine onions with potatoes at times.

Serves 4


  1. Potatoes                               8 medium size
  2. White poppy seed             100 gms
  3. Nigella seeds                       1 tsp
  4. Mustard oil                           1 tsp
  5. Green chillies                      2
  6. Any oil                                   2 tbsps
  7. Salt to taste.

To make poppy seed paste

Soak poppy seeds in a bowl with water just a little above the seeds. Its always better to soak it overnight in the fridge. It should take a minimum of 5 hrs to get the desired result. Once ready, transfer seeds along with the water in which its been soaking. Add one roughly chopped green chilli. Blend till smooth and satiny.Transfer it to a bowl and keep aside.I make this and store in the freezer.


  1. Peel the potatoes and slit it lengthwise into two, again cut lengthwise into two   and then each part into three .Each potato would fetch 12 equal bite size pieces.
  2. Take 2 tbsps any oil in a deep pan and once heated, add nigella seeds.
  3. As soon as they splutter, add cut potatoes, salt and cover.
  4. Reduce heat to low and let it cook till potatoes are half ready.
  5. Remove the lid and keep checking. We are not looking for any mushy stuff.
  6. Add poppy seed paste, mix well, cover and cook for four to five mins .
  7. Remove the lid, put your burner on high and start frying making sure not to break the potatoes.
  8. At this point add mustard oil( optional) and fry.
  9. When oil starts seperating ,its done.
  10. I serve it with rice and split lentils cooked with fennel and ginger.
  11. You can serve it with flatbread or can just serve as a side dish with any meal.

Many people add turmeric but I don’t. It doesn’t change the taste at all.

15 thoughts on “Potatoes cooked in poppy seed paste( Aloo Posto)

      1. I have mentioned in my recipe that you have to soak it either overnight or for minimum five hours to get the desired result. I think you have missed that part.Anyway, if you still have the grainy one in your fridge you can trying to blitz it now and you can still get the desired result.


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