A Medley of Veggies and Seafood

This dish is a visual delight and a tummy pleaser too. I have cooked this with the veggies I had in my fridge. You can let your imagination go wild and cook with anything and everything.

Serves 4


  1. Large prawns                                -12
  2. Any white fish chunks              -12
  3. Beans                                              -8
  4. Carrot                                             -1
  5. Peppers(three colours)             -1/2 each
  6. Frozen green peas                      -50 gms
  7. Onion chopped                            -1 large
  8. Garlic chopped                            -2 tbsps
  9. Ginger chopped                          -1 tbsps
  10. Fresh red chilli chopped          -1 tsp     
  11. Cornflour                                      -1 tbsp
  12. Water as required
  13. Sugar                                              -1/2 tsp
  14. Rice vinegar                                 -1 tbsp
  15. Light soy sauce                           -1 tbsp
  16. Salt to taste
  17. Black pepper powder to taste.
  18. Oil                                                  -3 tbsp
  19. Coriander leaves chopped     – 2 tbsps
  20. Rice noodles                               -200gms.


  1. Deshell and devein the prawns. Clean the heads and keep it aside.
  2. Keep rice noodles in a bowl. Add boiling hot water to it. Let it soak for 15 mins. Drain the water and keep it aside.
  3. Cut any boneless fish into chunks and keep.
  4. Take 1 tbsp oil in a wok and start sauteeing the veggies one by one depending on the time taken by each veggie to get  cooked.
  5. Do not cover.
  6. Arrange the veggies on a platter.
  7. In the same wok, in the remaining oil (in which veggies have been sauteed) tip in the prawns.Add little salt and pepper and cook it on high flame for 5 mins.
  8. Keep the prawns on a platter.
  9. Now,tip in the fish.Add salt and pepper and little chopped coriander leaves.Cook on high for 8 mins. Keep it in the same platter .
  10. Put the wok with 2 tbsp oil and add onion,garlic,ginger and chillies one by one frying on high heat .We are not looking for any brown colour.
  11. Add the prawn heads ,salt,sugar,pepper powder,rice vinegar ,soy sauce and stir.
  12. Add water.Let it come to a boil.Cover and cook for 10 mins.
  13. Strain the liquid  by squishing ever bit.
  14. Mix cornflour with 4 tbsps of water and mix it in the strained  liquid over fire stirring it continuously to avoid forming lumps.
  15. Serve  the broth in a bowl .Add chopped coriander leaves and finely chopped red chillies.
  16. To serve  make individual servings.Put rice noodles in the base of a soup bowl.Add the prepared broth.Then,add fish and prawns and all the veggies .
  17. Serve piping hot.

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