Jamaican Jerk Chicken

This is an amazing chicken preparation and one of my favourites.The most known version of this is the baked one.
In this post, I have cooked on stovetop to make it easier for people who for some reason or the other have no access to an oven. The secret of this recipe, is the spice blend known as “The Jamaican Jerk Seasoning.

    I must confess that determining portions would not be ideal.I had to feed four adults. 4 large thighs on the bone and 4 drumsticks were quite okay.But,let me warn you .You have to cook more than required  because the after taste compels you to have some more.


    1. Chicken thighs and legs on the bone        -8
    2. Jamaican Jerk Seasoning            -2 tbsps
    3. Salt                                                    – 1/2 tsp
    4. Thick yogurt                                   – 4 tsp.

    (The spice blend has salt in it )

    Take the chicken pieces in a dish and rub the seasoning,yogurt and salt and keep aside for a minimum of an hour.The more the merrier.

    To make the gravy 


    1. Onion paste                       -4 tbsps
    2. Garlic paste                        -1 tbsp
    3. Ginger paste                       -1/2 tbsp
    4. Red pepper and coriander leaves for garnish.
    5. Olive oil or sunflower oil  – 2 tbsps.
    6. Jamaican Jerk Seasoning  -1 tbsp
    7. Water                                      -200 ml.


    1. Take a wide non stick pan with a lid.Turn the heat on and add the oil.
    2. When the oil gets hot, take out the chicken pieces, shaking out the excess marinade and sear them on both the sides till brown on high heat.
    3. Keep the seared pieces aside and in the same oil add onion paste,garlic paste and ginger paste.Fry this on medium heat till oil seperates.
    4. Now,add seasoning, salt and the pour the remaining marinade to the pan.
    5. Stir to bring everything together.Add water and arrange the chicken pieces on the pan, making sure that each piece touches  the bottom of the pan.
    6. Cover and cook for 10 mins.Remove the lid ,flip the pieces one by one letting the other side touch the bottom of the pan.
    7. Cover and cook for another 5 mins.Check whether done or not.If not,continue cooking for 5 to 10 mins.
    8. When the chicken is cooked, add red pepper and coriander leaves.
    9. Let it rest for a while.Serve hot with naan, roti, kulcha or fried rice.

      If you could not get a jar of this seasoning,you can make your own.This stays good in the fridge for a month.All you have to do is to combine all the following ingredients.Mix well and store it in air- tight jar.

      1. Onion powder                  -1 tbsp
      2. Garlic powder                  -1 tbsp
      3. Ginger powder                -1/2 tbsp
      4. Dried parsley                   -1 tsp
      5. Ground thyme                -1 tsp
      6. Cinnamon powder        -1/4 tsp
      7. Cumin powder               -1/4 tsp
      8. Allspice powder             -1 tsp
      9. Nutmeg powder           -1/4 tsp
      10. White pepper powder-1 tsp
      11. Cayenne pepper           -1/2 tsp
      12. Smoked paprika           -1 tsp
      13. Hot peper flakes          -1/2 tsp
      14. Dried chives                  -2 tsps
      15. Salt                                  -2 tsps
      16. Sugar                              -2 tsps.

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