Ajwaini kulcha(Indian Leavened flatbread with carrom seeds)

This recipe is particularly North Indian, best served with any curry.Unlike its other counterparts, it is cooked on stovestop, which makes it very compatible for people who want to make a naan type of bread without using an oven.

Makes 8 kulchas

 Dry Ingredients

1.Maida                          – 2 1/2 cups

2.Whole Wheat flour – 2  1/2 cups

3.Baking Powder         – 1 tsp

4.Baking Soda              – 1/2 tsp

5.Sugar                           – 4 tsp

6.Salt                              – 1 tsp

7.Carrom seeds(ajwain) to sprinkle

8 Nigella seeds( kalonji) to sprinkle

Wet ingredients

  1.Yogurt                          – 6 tbsps

  2.Milk                               -2 tbsps

  3. Oil                                 -5 tbsps

 4.Water to knead the dough.


1.In a kneader, add all the dry ingredients and mix.

2.Now, add the wet ingredients and mix well.

3.Add water as required and mix.

4.Take out the dough and knead for 2 mins.

5.Cover and keep aside for a minimum of two hours.

6.Remove the cover, knead again for 1 min, and divide into 8 portions.

7.Roll like a normal chapati with a rolling pin.While rolling sprinkle few nigella seeds and carrom seeds.

8.Put the griddle pan on the burner and let it heat

9.Put the kulcha on the griddle pan. As soon as small dot like puffing up begins to appear almost everywhere flip it.

10.Cook on the other side for afew minutes.

11.Take a brush and baste butter on both the sides .

12.To serve cut it into two halves and serve.


19 thoughts on “Ajwaini kulcha(Indian Leavened flatbread with carrom seeds)

  1. Sayanti aka Shine

    Glad to see it in your blog. I was planning to make Kulcha in home. I thought it may be a tough process. But, your recipe motivates me to try it once.

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