Blogger Recognition Award


I received my first award today!

(a) Write a post to show your award
(b) Give a brief story of how your blog started
(c) Give two advice to new bloggers
(d) Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
(e) Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to

(a) This is the post to show my award

(b) When my children were little (they are 18 and 21 respectively now), I used to make them stuff to eat in the afternoon which they used to call ‘treats‘. They loved these and frequently told me so. However, to children their mother’s food is always the best so I never really thought a bout sharing the recipes.

As they grew up, their friends also took a liking to the packed lunches and the quick snacks and I used to get calls from their parents asking for those recipes.

Now that my daughters are grown up, they urged me to start my own blog and managed it for a while. It’s been nine months since I wrote ‘Chicken Sandwiches’ – my first post. This blog is my baby! That’s the story.

(c) My advice to new bloggers would be to
1. Photos add visual imapct to your articles. Try to set a featured image for most posts.
2. Don’t be afraid of criticism. You can’t please everybody and that is absolutely okay.

(d) This is the best part of the award. I get to be nominated by my daughter, Sonali, the not-so-little-anymore 21 year old. Go visit her.

(e)I’m nominating 3 people since I’m quite new to the whole concept

1. Satabdi

2. Nandini

3. Cooking Up the Pantry

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