Chicken dumplings (Quenelle) in Chicken Soup


This is undoubtedly one of easiest and filling meals I have been cooking for years. It is a french classic .

Makes 25 dumplings


  1. Chicken breast boneless            -125 gms
  2. Egg                                                 – 1 full and 1yolk
  3. Fresh cream                                – 2 tbsps
  4. Bread (sides removed )             – 2
  5. Caribbean seasoning                 – 1 tbsp( my twist)

6.      Parsley (dried or fresh )            – 1 tbsp

7.         Lemon juice                                 – 1 tsp

8.          Nutmeg powder                          – a pinch

Salt to taste.


  1. Put all the ingredients in blender. Take out the mixture in a bowl .
  2. Take water in a small bowl. Take  2 teaspoons and dip them in water one by one.
  3. Take the mixture in one tsp and transfer it to the other spoon. Repeat the process till you get an oval shaped chicken dumpling (Quenelle).

For the chicken soup

  1. Chicken stock                                 – 1/2 litre
  2. Button mushrooms (sliced )        – 6 to 8
  3. Carrot (medium sized)                 – oblong slices
  4. Fresh parsley ( chopped)             – 1 tbsp
  5. Oil                                                     – 1 tsp.


  1. Take oil in adeep pan. Add carrots to the oil.Saute.
  2. Now, add the chicken stock.Cover and cook for 5 minutes.
  3. Open the lid and add Quenelles to the boiling soup.
  4. Simmer and let it poach for 5 to 8 mins.Do not overcook.
  5. Add mushrooms and parsley and serve it hot.


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