My Fridge Essentials Part II – Quick Quesadillas

Continuing with my series where I list 5 Ingredients you should always keep in your fridge, I’m also going to include a quick recipe that these can be used to make.

To read Part I, click here

Today’s ingredients are


  1. Spinach, Blanched and finely chopped
  2. Processed Cheese
  3. Paneer (Cottage Cheese), grated or crumbled
  4. Tortillas or home made rotis
  5. Button Mushrooms, thinly sliced

Quesadillas are a hot favourite of my daughters and are ridiculously easy to make.

Take the rotis or tortillas on a flat board and cover one half with cheese. Add the Paneer, Spinach, Mushrooms and some cheese again and salt and seasoning of your choice and fold the other half over it. Put a grill pan on high heat and brush the pan with butter.

Put the filled rotis on the grill pan, and once it gets the grill marks, flip it over carefully. The cheese would have partially melted and sealed the Quesadilla by now, so we wouldn’t want it to break open.

Cook on medium flame till you get a crispy exterior. Take the quesadillas on the chopping board and cut each into 3 triangles. Serve with a glass of Orange juice.

For Non- Vegetarians

Add Bacon/Ham/Crab Meat in the filling.

Notes: This recipe is ideal if you have fussy eaters at home since it combines the goodness of a green leafy vegetable with the protein of cottage cheese with a zing of cheese, making it a superhit for a packed lunch


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