My Fridge Essentials Part I- The Basics

Before I begin this series, which I had announced on facebook a week or so ago, I wanted to share the basic essentials that might be used throughout this series. These are basic ingredients your fridge should never be without.

  1. Peeled Garlic Cloves
  2. Peeled Ginger
  3. Fresh Green and Red Chillies
  4. Coriander leaves separated from stems
  5. Lemons cut into quarters
  6. Celery Stalks

I usually make a week’s plan where I select a particular cuisine to go with for the week. This makes cooking seamless since dishes of the same cuisine share some of the common ingredients. You must have noticed these cuisines when I put up recipes and some that have yet to make an appearance

I make Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, Mexican, Italian, Continental, Thai or at times, a fusion. A few ingredients here and there and I’m ready to roll out a delectable feast for my family. When I have guests over, I usually switch to a cuisine a day schedule. Tiring but amazing.

What I will be including in this series is not only the essential items, but also if caught off guard by surprise guests, what can you whip up with these ingredients and how quick.

Look out for the next post!


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