Creamy Corn Soup

Winter is coming! In some cases, it’s already come. There is nothing more comforting in winter than a bowl of hot soup while looking out of the window.

Serves 3


  1. Fresh Sweet corn or Corn Kernels                             100gms
  2. Fresh Milk                                                                       1 cup
  3. Coup Cubes(Vegetarian or Chicken)                          1
  4. Water                                                                                1 cup
  5. Black Peppercorns                                                         4-5
  6. Garlic Cloves (fat)(finely chopped                              2-3
  7. Butter                                                                                1 tsp


  1. Put the pressure cooker on the flame and put butter in it.
  2. Once the butter melts, add garlic cloves, sauté it till you get a wonderful aroma. Don’t burn it though!
  3. Add all the remaining ingredients and pressure cook on a low flame till you can hear one whistle. Let it cool
  4. Put it in a blender and then a seive.
  5. Transfer the frothy soup to a vessel without a lid.
  6. Put it on the gas and cook it for 4-5 minutes on a low flame, stirring it continuously.
  7. Serve hot.


I have always had requests from people to write about the contents of the lunchboxes that I give my children. They are picky eaters and it is a tricky job to balance visual delight and healthy food.

The recipe I’m going to share next is one of the most sought after by my daughter’s friends parents.

Coming up next

Baked Pasta in White Sauce


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